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About Us

Breaking the Status Quo

Simplicity Property Management was formed to revolutionize the property management business. From the beginning we set out to build a company that would break the mold of mediocrity and me-too mentality that is prevalent with run-of-the-mill management companies.

Property Management is all we do, and is our ONLY focus. We aren’t a brokerage that manages property on the side. Simplicity Property Management was built from the ground up to be the simplest, most efficient, and effective management firm, period.

Our Mission

To completely revolutionize Property Management and provide our owners and residents with the ultimate property management experience. We do this by mastering productivity, harnessing technology, and following the golden rule.

Want less vacancy, less headache, higher profits, and piece of mind? Simplicity Property Management gives you the solutions you need to be a profitable landlord.

Our Team

Dean is more creative than MacGyver and as sharp as an arrow in a pile of broken glass. When not making property owners’ dreams come true he enjoys fishing, bear hunting, and searching for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure.

Dave is like the Indiana Jones of the digital age – curiously seeking technology based solutions like a computer virus looking for grandma’s AOL account. When not solving the worlds problems with technology he likes to ride motorcycles and study the different economies of the various civilizations in Star Wars.